natalie's report


monthly service sales (65)




total revenue


product commission earned


- expenses

color cost $18.81/color client (42)

($790.02) not actually deducted from your pay, just a reference for when you move into renting a chair.

rent - full time

($1,500.00) this is what full time rent would be.

client beverages (65)

$130 (not actually deducted) but this is just to show the separate expense for chair renters.

total due

$2,220.02 this is just a breakdown so you can see the numbers for when you start renting a chair, none of this is actually deducted from your pay.


take home pay (before taxes)

$2,060.40 1st draw check

$4,979.50 2nd check

$300 bonus

total pay before taxes =$7,339.90

— end of report —


yello's ad spend: $1,035

this is yello's advertising spend for the month (instagram ads + google ads + video)