oksana's report


monthly service sales (31)




total revenue


product commission earned

$50.80 ($0 more beads plz)

- expenses

color cost $18.77/color client (28)


client beverages

starting soon, this will be charged at $2/client seen in the month.

we'll calculate true costs and adjust accordingly (up or down) after around 3 months to determine what percentage of clients want a beverage.

I want to charge per client so nobody is incentivised to not offer a client a drink in an effort to save money—instead I think this will be a great added service to justify increasing service prices which ultimately will cover all increased costs and still allow everyone to earn more.

drinks will arrive in january so we'll start the $2/client beginning from that day.

we'll have verve single serve oatmilk lattes and straightaway canned cocktail spritz.

these drinks will be for clients only, since the result of having one ourselves will be a slippery slope in which everyone else also has to pay that added cost.

rent - commission ($50.80)


total due


estimated taxes


estimated amount to set aside for taxes this month.

$6,411.60 (sales)

-$954.76 (expenses)

=$5,456.84 (profit)

x 30% (taxes)

=$1,637.06 (tax for the month)

running total

january: $2,233.35

february: $1,924.22

march: $1,733.15

april: $2,281.34

may: $1,433.73

june: $2,422.08

july: $1,937.85

august: $1,895.17

september: $1,825.66

october: $1,790.17

november: $1,680.99

december: $1,637.06

total: $22,794.77

2022 total est tax: $22,794.77

2021 total est tax: $20,994.54


take home pay


— end of report —


yello's ad spend: $2,387

this is yello's advertising spend for the month (instagram ads + holiday markets).