quarantine summer

the business was built in the quarantine summer of 2020. we both were in lockdown and while it drove some people crazy, we loved every second together. that's where we began dreaming up ideas where we could continue this quarantine lifestyle of walking around, cooking from home, and doing life together when the world goes back to "normal".

when i heard kaylee's old salon took over half of what she made, i started really pushing the idea for her to go out on her own, whether that was renting a chair or building a salon of her own.

and of course, anyone who know's kaylee knows how colorful she is, so this was a top priority.


building yello's model

aside from a colorful brand, kaylee wanted to create a space for all stylists to have financial freedom, flexibility, and fun. we decided to create a model that gives stylists the option to choose between either being commission or an independent contractor. we've done a lot to mitigate the risks associated with becoming an independent contractor. for example, we created a "for all" marketing fund where a portion of chair rent goes towards finding new clients to help fill everyone's books. we are also committed to ensuring each stylist is financially educated to save for taxes and set aside for retirement (which we saw as a big factor in why stylists are hesitant to go out on their own).


we found a location!!!

after searching all of se portland and calling several large property management companies (none of which returned our calls) we stumbled upon a listing in se portland from a local owner and got things going right away! oh and next to kaylee is klaus who thought the place was pretty boring but seemed decent.


hello welcome to yello 😊

after 5 long and very expensive months of building out the space, we're finally open! we couldn't have done it without the help of her family who brought kaylee's vision to life.

fast forward to today and we now have oksana (kaylee's best friend), aine, devon, natalie, sara, marcus, oh and me (mack)! we couldn't be happier to have such a great team of individuals who love what they do. it's only the beginning, but we're excited to be here!