about yello


don’t tell anybody… we’re not your cliché portlanders, of course we love coffee and beer but rain… meh.

sometimes we wish we lived somewhere sunnier, maybe that’s because we were born and raised here. oregon is our home, and don’t get us wrong, we love it—it’s where our families and friends are. we’re not going anywhere.

however, when the sun comes out we love it here even more, so we’re committed to keeping the sun shining year-round for you, even if that is just our delusional daydream.

now close your eyes, sit back and relax in the sunniest place in portland and we’ll pretend that blonde is naturally sunkissed.

need an actual sunny vacation?

palm springs

this is our absolutely favorite quick getaway for some much needed sun and pool time. ace hotel & swim club has an unbelievable pool and vibe. get an ice vanilla latte and breakfast burrito and thank us later.


austin, texas is like portland but in texas and we love it. south congress is like the 23rd of portland, so staying around there is a safe bet. just be sure to spend a day at barton springs and take a lyft out to ski shores cafe.

laguna beach

fly into john wayne, and stay at hotel joaquin. this is our absolute favorite hotel in the world and be sure to send us a picture.

our story

the sunniest place

whether you're a client or a stylist at yello, we strive to build a long term and meaningful relationship with you. as a salon, we're fortunate to be able to spend a considerable amount of time getting to know your life which is what yello is all about—you.

making yello

what initially started as a quick online search for kaylee to change salons turned into going out on her own in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. yello was born out of the need for kaylee to rock her favorite outfits (meaning no more dress codes) and play her favorite music every day.

community support

thanks to supportive family, amazing clients and a dedicated "shop local" sellwood community, we were able to quickly fill our books and attract some of the most talented stylists in town along the way.

opening the wall

with a growing team, our space was getting very tight. in 2022 we decided to expand next door to give our clients a better brand experience and to more importantly give our stylists some much needed breathing room. along the way we expanded our retail and found our products to be a great way to support our business model— which is simple, to give our stylists room to grow and make a great living throughout their career. so thank you for your continued support, whether your a client, stylist, or just bought one of our hair accessories, we wouldn't be here without you.