you have options

we built yello with the goal of empowering stylists to have the best work life balance. we are very selective in who we bring on and ultimately want someone who takes pride in their work and is passionate about becoming a better stylist. that being said, those who join the team have options to grow, whether that's starting as a commissioned stylist and growing a clientele to become an independent contractor, or maybe you already have a full clientele and want to learn about running a salon of your own—regardless we'll encourage you to achieve your goals. and we won't make you sign some threatening non compete. if you decide to leave we wish you the best and you won't have to worry about us ever trying to sue you because that's just messed up.

see where you might fit best:

commission stylist

+ stylists who are just starting

+ want to learn/build a clientele

+ needing a base minimum pay

+ want a w2 (don’t want to worry about taxes, scheduling, or posting on social media)

independent stylist

+ stylists who are great at hair

+ around 25% or more booked

+ willing to post on social media

+ 2 month emergency fund (for stylists who are only planning to bring a few clients)

commission stylist — now hiring

commission stylists with yello are hired on as employees with a base minimum pay (dependent on experience) or a 50/50 split on total sales, whichever is greater. expect to work 2-3 days a week in the first few months as your books fill (and we'll help fill them with advertising and social media). as you grow we ask that you're willing to work up to 5 days a week.

we encourage our stylists to grow, whether that's with yello or somewhere else. however, when hired on we will ask that you stay a commission stylist for a minimum of 6 months before transitioning to become a full time independent contractor with yello.

if you're interested in being hired by yello please email us at with your name and your instagram or website so we can view your work.

full time independent stylist—now hiring

full time independent stylists with yello are hired on as independent contractors, this means you set your own schedule and make 100% off the services you provide. with this reward comes a bit of risk, but we’re here to mitigate that risk as much as possible by helping you fill your books, manage your business finances, and save for taxes. we love what we do, and we hope you do too!

email us at for access to our stylist resources page. this page includes information on part time and full time chair pricing and benefits.

+ your own chair/station available everyday.

+ set your own schedule and take any days off.

+ make 100% off the services you provide.

+ earn extra income on products sold.

+ online booking, scheduling, and payment processing provided.

+ backbar is provided.

+ 10% of chair rental is used toward monthly advertising to help fill all books.

you got this!

email us at and we'll be in touch!