all services vary in pricing depending on the stylist. each stylist operates independently under the yello® brand—please do not hesitate to contact us on instagram or email at for any questions, or concerns.



a haircut, wash, and fun style! price depends on hair thickness and length of the haircut! whether you’re looking for a quick trim up or chopping it all off—we’ll take our time to ensure you get just what you want and leave looking your best!


partial highlight

for brightness around the top section and face framing! this could mean a face framing highlight (money piece) as well to keep you refreshed between balayage appointments! all services include a blowout and style as well. appointments are recommended every 6-8 weeks.


full highlight / babylights

if you're wanting to feel blonder over all and have minimal natural root color left this service is for you! this also includes a blow dry and style. appointments are recommended every 10-12 weeks for full highlights and every 8-10 weeks for babylights.



if you’re wanting a more natural lived-in lightness (that ensures better grow out) this service is for you! balayage is better for people who look to book out longer appointments and are not looking for an overall blonder look to the root. appointments are recommended every 10-12 weeks.


root color

this is meant to cover up those gray hairs! this is not including a lightning service (highlights). note: this is not a bleach service root touch up, this is only color. you will want to book full highlights for a bleach root touch up. appointments are recommended every 6 weeks.


root color + lightening

this service is best if you're looking to cover up those gray hairs and you’re also wanting to add a lightening service (highlights, babylights, balayage) this service is recommended every 8 weeks.



if you want to get your highlights or balayage toned, this is your service! perfect for in between appointment maintenance or special days that you want to look cute for! appointments are recommended every 4-6 weeks.


vivid or fashion tone

this is a color service to give you a fun hair color that's not your typical blonde or brown! 

note: this service requires a consultation over dm, phone, or in person before booking! this can be considered color correction and will be charged by the hour in most cases.


specialty (updo/styling)

this service is meant for specialty occasion hairstyling—like a wedding day! come with dry semi-dirty hair if you're doing an updo. if we're doing a fresh down style i will wash and dry your hair! we do not offer blowouts for day to day wear.

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