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renting a chair means setting your own schedule and making 100% of the profit, but with this comes more responsibilities—like filling your books and paying business taxes. that’s where we can help. unlike most salons, we want to see you succeed at what you do best and we’ll do whatever we can to help you reach your goals, like opening your own hair salon.

how much is a chair?

part time: $1380/month for 3 set days a week.

full time: $1800/month unlimited chair access.

i'm scared, should i do this?

some stylists prefer a consistent paycheck with taxes already taken out, however we'll help you to save for taxes by sending you a custom detailed report showing a recommended amount to set aside.

before going independent you should get in the habit of knowing your monthly revenue. this can quickly determine whether or not this is a good idea for you. we put together two income estimators below (part time and full time) to help you understand your true income after expenses and taxes.

part time

this scale does not include tips

full time

this scale does not include tips


can i set my own pricing?

yes, but we have a minimum price you must maintain. essentially we want to make sure you are pricing your services out correctly to maximize your time so that you are earning around $100/hour.

can i offer any service?

yes and no. we want to make sure that the services you offer are within the realm of hair services that we’re trying to provide under the yello brand (which is most). that being said, we understand there are so many ways to classify, breakdown, and price each service, but we believe less is more. we want clients to book a look, not a formula. clients do not need to know everything that us stylists know, they just need to get in your chair and know you’re able to provide the look they are going for. the idea behind this is to keep our online booking simple so that when a person clicks on a service they’re able to choose from any one of yello’s stylists. we definitely don’t want an overly complicated list of specific services that when clicked only one stylist is available to book because they happen to classify their services differently.

how much is paid in retail?

we offer 20% commission on all hair products and apparel. all commission is calculated and paid out at the end of each month.

how long is the rental agreement?

there's no contracts because we're confident you'll love it here and if you don't—why would we want to force you to stay? if you’re moving states or looking to open up a salon of your own, we just ask that you give us a heads up so we can be prepared for the transition. we’re very reasonable, this part should be fun not stressful :)

do you offer a pos system or a way to take payments?

yes, we provide a pos system so that you can accept card payments from your client. you will be on-boarded when hired to setup your banking information with our pos system that is ran through chase bank. this enables you to use our online booking and credit card processing system so that payments go directly to your bank account and never hit ours.

how much are card fees?

payments are processed through stripe, that charges a standard 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction. this fee is standard and out of our control.

do you charge clients a cancellation or no show fee?

we currently require a card on file for all bookings and will charge a flat rate of $50 for any no show or late cancellation. late cancellations are considered within 24 hours of an appointment.

can part time work more than 3 days?

yes, as long as it's available but part time is designated for 3 set days of the week or in other words 12 set days a month. any additional days that a chair is available can be used, but will be charged at $115/per

can i change from part time to full time or vice versa?

yes, as long as there is an opening but we do ask that you try and maintain a consistent schedule for at least 6 months at a time to avoid scheduling conflicts with our other stylists.

can i decide where my 10% ad budget goes?

we set aside 10% of your chair rent to go towards what we feel will generate the most revenue for you. of course, if you have some ideas on where that should go then just let us know!

do you have a front desk receptionist?

we do not have a dedicated front desk receptionist. we do often have someone working the front desk, but you are responsible for booking, rebooking, checking in or checking out your clients. this can all be done through our mangomint software (available on phone and desktop).

do you have a non-compete for clients?

no, your clients are yours—not ours. if you decide to leave yello one day, then that means your clients can choose to follow, that's only fair.

what's included in renting?

your monthly chair rental fee covers:

+ your chair (3 select days a week for part-time, additional days are billed at $115/day). full time is available everyday for you.

+ advertising for new clients (10% of your monthly fee goes toward advertising on social media platforms).

+ backbar is provided, we currently provide amika and olaplex product.

+ online booking system—you’ll have access to schedule and manage clients through our system called mangomint.

+ online and in person payment system (you can accept payments through your phone or a yello device).

+ general salon maintenance and monthly deep cleaning (you will be responsible for cleaning your chair and surrounding area each day).

+ capes and towels.

+ monthly reports (showing monthly sales, commission, expenses, and estimated taxes to set aside).

+ 20% commission on all products (including our apparel.

+ free yello apparel

+ team photoshoots

what do i need to start?

to rent a chair you’ll need an oregon state hairstylist license and an independent contractors license. questions? we’re happy to help get you set up through the boring stuff! you'll also need your tools, color and other styling supplies (scissors, combs, brushes, blow dryers). for convenience redken shades eq and goldwell silklift are stocked by yello and available for use at cost as part of our "color buy back program" to save you from running to the store and keeping track of inventory.

is there a dress code?

no dress code, hair stylists are artists! but we do like trendy 😊

are tips divided?

no, any tips you receive from your clients are 100% yours. there is a small transaction fee for tips that are charged on card (this is out of our control).

ready to get started? email us 😊