we help salons create meaningful products that compliment their services

our impact

with a background in retail, we strive to make products that people want—not just stuff. we strive to use local vendors whenever possible here in portland, oregon. this includes, design, printing, stitching, packaging, and most small batch products.

why retail?

we started our salon with the hopes of treating our stylists fair by enabling them to be either commission or independent so that they could grow with us and earn more. to support this business model, we introduced our retail products that have not only improved our client experience, but has also help our business financially so we can continue paying our stylist the higher wages they deserve.

say hello to yello

we're a woman owned business that focuses on creating a positive impact on all our employees, clients, and most importantly other individuals within the industry.


who says your salon can't have cute merch? let us help you create a purposeful collection unique to your business that your clients will love.

with a background in retail, we offer premium products from hair clips, scrunchies, and brushes to full custom apparel.


need help designing? we'll make sure your salon stands out with unique and purposeful designs. whether we're transforming your entire brand or just a new product—we'll create a look unique to your business.

we can help with graphics, designing versatile packaging, product photos, or a complete rebrand.

salon consultation

looking to grow or revamp? let's talk. our team comes with industry experience, new ideas, and proven systems that work.

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email us at hello@yello.salon

or call us at (503) 869-6849